Global Relief Fund

When disaster hits, we want to be able to respond and help our BIC brothers and sisters around the world. When lands are hit with floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and most recently, global pandemics swift action and financial aid is required. Disasters are never scheduled and seldom fit into existing budgets. The Global Relief Fund is designed as a financial response tool for those unplanned natural disasters that affect our global family. When disaster strikes, we don’t have the time to undertake a fundraising campaign as the first few hours and days are often critical to helping people and saving lives. By giving to this fund, you allow us to create a reserve of monies that can be deployed quickly when and where needed most.

In 2023, our Global Relief Fund was used to meet needs that developed as a result of Cyclone Freddy, the longest lasting cyclone in recorded history, that brought incredible damage to central and Southern Africa. Some of those affected were the believers in the BIC church of Malawi. We used our Global Relief Fund to help them and this is the message I received.

On behalf of Malawi BIC, and indeed on my own behalf, we would like to thank you so much for the timely support.  With this support, we will be able to meet some needs of the Cyclone Freddy victims.  Currently Freddy has left 676 dead.  Out of this number 21 people were our church members.  538 people are still missing.  The number of displaced people due to disaster grew to 659,278 in 747 camps.  Children’s education has also been interrupted, with schools being used as displacement sites.  Once again thank you so much and may God bless you and the larger church.  Please pass my greetings to everyone.

Francis Kamoto

Thank you for considering a donation to this fund. Appeals for this fund are often made while the fund is being used to help the global family that is enduring significant hardship. The donations that come into the fund during an appeal may be used for the current disaster or are sometimes saved for the next need.