Macha Water Project, Zambia

Funds raised for this project will provide clean drinking water to the residents of Macha, Zambia.

Keith and Bev Cober are currently serving in Zambia where Keith has been repairing, replacing and adding to the water system of Macha Mission Hospital in rural Zambia.  In addition, there is an old water tower that has not been used in over 20 years due to lack of maintenance. An engineering company approved it for use, and during this visit, Keith has been able to buy parts and to give direction on how to make it useful once again.

Very near the hospital, other donations have allowed a solar pump and holding tank to be installed at a BIC non-government school so that students have water for drinking as well as hand washing at the latrines. Trenches were dug and pipes put in place so that for the first time the teachers will have water running right to their houses on school property.