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Welcome to our website. Here you will information about the projects, people and places supported by hundreds of generous donors from the Be In Christ Church of Canada.

Beginning in ____________ the first global worker (then called a missionary) set on a voyage to the country of _______________.

Three Regions

Throughout our history, the BIC has developed relationships with brothers and sisters in three major regions of the world: central and south Africa, southeast Asia, and Central America. These partnerships exist in regions where there are also national BIC churches.

Four Areas of Partnership

Our global team focuses its work in four areas: Relief and Development, Church Planting and Evangelism, Leadership Resourcing, and Church Awareness.

It is the vision of the global team that every church in our denomination would be engaged in international partnerships. The global team provides the essential infrastructure so that the local church can focus on the fundraising and relationship building with their international partnership.

Relief and Development

Relief and development includes a variety of projects such as well and clean water, health services, humanitarian aid, and education initiatives. The BIC has a history of investing in education initiatives in southwest Asia. In fact our only child sponsorship program is an education initiative called the Nepal Peace Project. For more information about the Nepal PEACE project please visit the website.

Church Planting and Evangelism

Church planting and evangelism involves partnering with national churches to fund church planting pastors and construction initiatives. The projects include church planting in Nicaragua, Cuba, India, and Nepal.

Leadership Resourcing

Leadership resourcing includes projects and funding to equip pastors to carry out their work in their local context. This may include funding for leadership training, student scholarships, tuition support, and youth camps.

A complete list of our projects is located here. Please visit the page to find out specific information about the current projects that we are funding.

Church Awareness

Church awareness includes the responsibility of the global team to make our pastors and churches aware of the needs of the global family of BIC churches.

A Case Study

In Canada, Wainfleet BIC church and Westheights BIC church joined with the BIC Church of Nicaragua, contributing more than $75,000 towards their vision of building a national ministry centre near the country’s capital city of Managua. This facility can provide a place to hold their AGM, training events, a Bible school, national youth and women’s conferences, and a space where the local BIC church can meet. The Nicaraguan leadership team have prayerfully and patiently overseen the construction to completion with dormitories now nearing completion due to the generous support of The Meeting House.

The cooperation and generosity provided the financial investments that helped lay the foundation of steel and concrete, making the footings that will support the pillars, walls, and roof. All this had to be done before the first block could be laid. The BIC of Nicaragua also gave sacrificially to this project and sent church members to work there for days at a time as volunteers. This ministry centre has provided a great space for the area local church to minister to more people.

It is a wonderful story of how our Canadian BIC churches are partnering with our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. It is a picture of the hope we have for all of our churches as we live out the anabaptist vision of following Jesus and follow the Great Commission Jesus left for his church.

For more information about how you can be involved in supporting the ministry of BIC Canada Global please visit the projects page and consider making a donation.